• Nothing cures more than learning that someone is willing to help you to the best of their knowledge! Your mind is prepared to participate in the process of healing the body; it’s a particular positive situation. Everyone tries their best and things go as they should. “It is called the placebo effect; people have confidence in Doctors, they have confidence in diagnoses, confidence in medicine. Sometimes they get a little better because they think they will” (from the TV series “House”). I think this attention that generates the confidence is the minimum any person should get when sick, and moreover when this person is paying to receive the medical service; but, sorry to say, that is not always the case!
  • So, the other side is that there’s nothing more painful than being sick and not receiving the proper medical help! Many, many people, especially in the US, probably agree with me; and from those, many are multi-symptomatic patients whom “their Doctors” left alone usually classifying them as patients with mental problems. Me, being one of those, with no major problem than 21 symptoms, in my “reduced medical history version”, not being classified as crazy, but yes, as first having a Thyroiditis, then an allergy and later on with maybe a bronchitis, or a virus or “something not known yet”, felt alone, abandoned to my luck in my own painful situation. No misery could be described worst than no one willing to help you when you need it the most! Then they wonder why the patient got depressed?
  • So, after months and interminable days of uncertainty, of abandonment and lack of hope, a light shows at the end of my tunnel. It was a blog written by a Doctor in Montgomery County, Maryland, who is not afraid of treating them when they have multiple complicated, painful, sometimes weird symptoms. Just that blog raised my spirit. That blog gave me hope and made me fight for a better treatment and wellbeing. I felt I deserved to be helped and not be ignored. I gained some confidence believing that I might even deserve to get cured and I probably still don’t have to die in pain, ignored by the medical personnel. So I read the blog and found that bacteria, parasites and different types of microorganisms can generate multiple symptoms. Also learned that these bugs might be so strong that to combat them might be needed not one, but multiple antibiotics administered during longer periods of time. This knowledge was the beginning of my long intent to a healing journey. I had the invaluable support of a Doctor who lives in my home country in South America and with him I started antibiotics treatments that little by little made me taste a bit of a great healing process.
  • But that’s not all. I recently traveled through 7 states and went to see this Doctor in Maryland; and it was what I expected it to be, even better! He heard all my stories – asked me if I had a short version, lol! – and didn’t care of how hyper I was, nor if I looked nervous or “anxious”; he just listened with an open mind and after one hour of conversations , without judging me, he end up saying: “I’ll help you”. I really wanted to cry, this time of happiness. The “Tears of Joy” this Doctor describes in one of his blogs, were mine this time. Not because I was healed already, not because the Doctor had already figured out which was my problem; nor even because I knew if I could get cured; but just knowing that he had the will, the intention, and the heart to see what could be done for me, to look the possible causes of my illness, was much more than what I had received from 4 Doctors I had seen before. During this visit, internally, mentally, I got cured because I saw the possibility of getting better when before there was no hope. I felt stronger as someone that has a support to hold you until you can walk on your own. I know I am not surrendering for nothing less than better days and nights and I believe that I can not only get better but I can also help others, supporting them in their healing process.
  • Yes, from the thorn the rose. Let’s build a group of patients that deserve to receive proper careful treatment; I’m signing first!
Thank you Montgomery Doctor, and special thanks to his staff who cared for me as if I were a close friend or relative; love you all!