And I have had multiple Doctors, and I have had multiple pains and sufferings; and multiple situations where I can't move or help my self. As I have also had multiple antibiotics and multiple reactions, some of them really good. And I have read hundreds of pages where multiple symptoms are considered this or that; and I even tried to fit in the blog of the Chlamydia Pneumonia sufferers, but they veto me because I was not having at that time multiple antibiotics as my treatment. So I keep on trying to be a normal person, with multiple activities, but limited to the treatment I get, because it is more the opposition and the lack of help, than someone knowing what to do and how. And then I remembered this Doctor from my home country and called him, and I've got hope and multiple types of treatments; he is open minded and very compassionate. I've told him about this blog from the Montgomery Doctor and he listens and learns! but he is far and cannot order lab test or directly treat my multiple symptoms, but God is big and I still survive. I have had now multiple antibiotics and can tell a long experience. The most important is that this "multiple' symptoms are really just one same illness, call it how you want it, generated by a bug or bugs; and they go when properly treated with antibiotics during long periods of time. The multiple short treatments I've got before where not enough to kill the bug! I just want to write thinking it might help someone else; or at least share and express my self! May this be the first of multiple articles; the next won't have the word multiple, promise; it was just a game! Being multi-symptomatic generated an adverse reaction from 4 of the 5 Doctors who have seen me; they get scared and send me to "other specialist" or just give me a pill "for the anxiety"... poor them, they know nothing out of their books!!!! Thank you for sharing, God bless you!