It won’t resolve fast; it will be slow and painful like Lyme Disease does!

The question is why the Medical Board is neglecting the pain and suffering of thousands of people by providing insufficient and inappropriate treatment? Why these big powerful people in the medical area ignore the calling of Doctors, patients and medical personnel who witness that their guidelines are not effective not only to treat, but to cure Lyme disease?  Why they do deny a cure? (OF COURSE THERE IS ONE AND MORE!).

  • Easy first answer, because if the treatment we want to give you doesn’t work for you ALL, it is not our problem, right? We already accomplished treating! We gave you what we think would help you, but if it didn’t work is because you do not have this disease or because your disease has now turned “CHRONIC” so it is not in our hands to treat it!  (The most incredible excuse they have is questioning if chronic LD exists or not, or should be called differently or not? Or if LD really exists or not?).  
  • “Treatment is most often used to mean a process of modifying or altering something, and depending on context may be used in an unqualified form to refer to any of the following: A type of therapy used to remedy a health problem; Experimental treatment, the levels of treatment factor(s) (variables controlled by the experimenter) applied.” – Wikipedia.
  • So, do the guidelines to treat Lyme disease modify or alter in some way the illness or the sick person? (NO).   
  • Do the treatments proposed in their guidelines are really a therapy used to remedy Lyme disease? (NO).  
  • Why experimental treatments are not allowed in any level of possibilities?  They even deny every other medicine and therapies but just permit the usage of the two only medicines they propose as the God healers that could even be given in really short period of time. (WHY IF THEY DON’T HEAL?).  
  • But, why are we, the sick, the Doctors and the medical personnel having to fight a political medical scientific fight in here? This is no sense; this is absurd, unfair and cruel.  How much longer they are going to take to accept they had a compromised panel and their judgment was impartial and non scientific?  I heard this Doctor from the panel stating that he doesn’t approve any other treatment because he doesn’t’ “see the science in it;” meaning like if there were no sustained cases demonstrating that any other treatments might help the patients to recover. The real problem here is that this Doctor has a short vision, that’s all.  He doesn’t want to see anything but what he has to say, to justify his partnership or friendship or relationship with the industry and or insurances? ... (Doctor, GLASSES OR CONTACTS?).
  • So why we keep fighting this fight, when we have to battle with such terrific infection?  
  • Why there’s no rush to stop it’s dissemination over the country and other places? 
  • Why there’s this feeling that things are not going to change because this medical system is corrupted and just time and tons of deaths will prove them wrong? 
  • Why this abandonment and dismissal? Where are the ethic, and the respect, and our rights?  
  • So what are we supposed to do by following those guidelines?  Take the two or three weeks of “Doxy” or “Rocephin” and then to wait to die in pain, quadriplegic and with dementia? How long do we survive to this obligated unique treatment stated by the medical board before our real death comes; about two or three years?  
  • Should we just accept our “fate” and live just sick, immobile and not bothering the medical institutions or insurances with our multiplicity of symptoms, due to, if you don’t know, an infection with multiple bacteria and parasites, and worms and viruses?  
  • So they are pushing us to accept to be eaten by bugs inside every cell of our bodies?  Maybe get some pain killers on the final way? Easy to cope with these right?    
  • Many of us have tried longer and different types of treatment – in hiding an in secret - and most of us are recovering thanks to NOT FOLLOWING these guidelines; you’re “sapient God sent healer guidelines”.   
  • It is just obvious that a life of a bug is cyclical and has to be attacked several times, or during long periods of time to combat it; more if there are several types of germs, protozoan’s, bacteria and parasites all living inside the same host; meaning inside the same human being suffering it!  Come on, how can you contradict this so simple SCIENTIFIC reality?  
  • Where’s the ethic and moral, and the swearing to help patients to HEAL. The guidelines are not even offering us a “good decent death”, which is our basic right too, right? where’s the “compassion of the medical field” here?.   
  • Why they are asking us to survive with a treatment that is PROVEN not to work, not to heal, not to cure, not to remedy the illness?  Why they can ask that to us when they won’t be able to take such burden themselves?  
  • Why they are using us, experimenting with us when left with a minimum basic treatment, to save money and to gain more?  
  •   For sure they know they have won the battle and they will maybe for as long as they live so they do not have to worry; but I can swear they won’t won the war, because life is fair and will finally tell! 
  • I just know that I prefer to be in my shoes, suffering, than in theirs, so wealthy and healthy, but causing so many to live and die in infinite suffering; at least I can sleep, sometimes!   
  • Yes it is a not very common illness but very difficult and expensive to treat?  Wow, yes, sounds like I am discovering the hot water right?   Really new unsaid truth?  Unknown?  
  • And this one:  some say it is a hidden illness to not loose tourism; how can something like that be true?  It has never been and economical issue, right? never!
  • What if the media says that our cute deers and some little mice have a bug, a tiny tick, that infects humans with a bacteria that the US Medical Board and Governmental Health institutions still cannot  kill? And that this tick borne disease produce such severe infection people are physically destroyed cell by cell?  Naa, impossible!
  • I bet they’re waiting for this to propagate to Canada, South America and Europe to blame them and make them invest in the medical research and proper experimentation to find the real cure to LYME DISEASE!  It's easier to experiment with people of third countries right?

  • Mean while they deny, deny and deny; that’s very “political”!    
  • If you still have some guts, please watch this video from youtube called:  "Lyme disease , A cure to late for many", just follow the link: