• It is inexplicable and has no reasonable excuse that "serious" organizations, government oriented say that Lyme disease and its co-infections should be treated with just two, maximum four weeks of antibiotics, like Doxiciline. This is cruel and has no real medical basis. Tick borne infected people need longer and proper treatments to recover a healthy life.
  • How can this so called serious organizations proclaim such treatment (s) knowing that it doesn't kill the bacteria nor the parasites that result from the tick borne infection? Because they do know the bacteria is not killed, murdered, expelled or dead after such short treatments they recommend; or can they dare to say that the bug is completely eradicated and the sufferings of the patient are gone after following their guidelines?
  • I dare to make a bet to see if they are right stating that the bacteria is gone, by making lab tests with this laboratory in Central Florida who is now - finally- detecting the bacteria itself, not like the other labs that just detect the reaction of the body to the bacteria.
  • You, huge organizations, do you dare to test patients treated, based on your poor guidelines, and then test them to see if they have the bacteria, parasites, protozoans and microorganisms alive? I bet what is left of my health to prove they are still alive and creating colonies inside muscles, tendons, bones, organs, glands and brain of the patients; prove me wrong, please!!!
  • So now, after your recommended treatment, because it doesn't really trully completely work, you call "Chronic Lyme" the persisting symtptoms of the patient? "Chronic" meaning, suffering for life and never going to be cured? Is this your excuse after neglecting that the treatment is not complete, is not correct, is not healing?
  • Oh, excuse me, now it is not called "chronic" but "Post-Lyme", and it means the same: "suffering for life and never going to be cured?"
  • Chronic or post-Lyme, which ever you prefer. Truly meaning negligence in trying harder to find a cure; avoiding spending money in lab tests and medicines at the expense of huge suffering from the tick borne infected people and their families. Even punishing Doctors who have given longer treatments because it cost more money to the insurance; wow, absolute evil!
  • Because, if we won't be suffering, if we were there just living like vegetables, you could be there believing that your guidelines are good because they work fine for you and your insurances; but not, you have huge responsibility pending over your heads; every minute we suffer is your accountability!
  • We are pouring pain every minute you don't treat us properly and the truth will arise and this negligence will be known and the world would judge.
  • Some day the medicine will take care of us, long term Lyme sufferers, beyond the limits of your short guidelines! Because at the end, life is always fair!

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