My FB friend T asked me:
"Hi Maria, What do you feel is the best Ivermectin dose? I too believe that a parasitic infection makes the most amount of sense, especially after rounds of Albendazole etc. have made me feel symptom free at certain stages of the illness.  Love your work, T.

Hello T,

The more I research I do,  and the more logic to use,  is that Lyme is a multiinfection bacterial yes, but for sure parasitic if not by name by action of the bugs.  Borrelia goes inside the cells, Mycoplasma too, and all the coinfections like Bartonella and Erlichia too?  Obviously Babesia is a parasite inside the blood so it has to be added to the pot of Lyme, and then the studies of Dr Sapi  in the UNH, the Boronson's in Norway and Dr Fry in Texas,  all talking about protozoans and parasites cannot be ignored as if it not happening? .. its even funny to hear it is a bacterial infection when it really is the least bacterial ..? I think if this concept is changed treatment could be more accurate... Why? just because you don't kill parasites with antibiotics, as you don't kill snakes with flea spray!!

The dose of Ivermectin that my Colombian Dr told me is one drop per one kilogram of weight, in the human drops that come at 0.6% concentration, given once a week.  This means the medicine is not administered daily, as US Drs do with the Stromectol, because the Ivermectin and the veterinary IVOMEC (1%) stay in the body 4 to 5 days until totally eliminated.  I wonder why the Stromectol is given every day?  Second it means a dose given according to the person, not a formula for everybody.  In my "calculations" I get around 3 to max 12 mgs of medicine a week, while here the dose is 12 mgs three times a day every day? ... its so high it doesn't makes sense to me...

My Col Dr said;  an acute infection should be treated with higher doses but in a short period of time, let's say two weeks max 4 weeks.  While a chronic long term multiinfected patient should receive low doses for long time to clean the infection and tons of detoxing!

The "Azoles" are the proper medicines for parasites in our case more than antimalarics due to these last ones work by immune suppression and we don't need that...:)  The Albenda is the "oldest" one and stronger.  It kills malaria too, but in long term treatment it can affect the Central Nervous system.  Studies in children found they were having similar symptoms as Parkinson's such as involuntary movements, etc, so it looks like Albenda is not for Lymies in the long run, maybe just for a short two weeks support.  The feared Flagyl - Metronidazole- is the always good old treatment but here in the US Drs give 2 grs a day or IV even stronger, it can blow the liver and the heart... my Dr told me to not use more than 750 mgs a day!!! See?  Dosing!

And from the Azoles, the Tinidazole, in the US known as Tindamax or "Tini" how we call it, is the youngest of the family, and it has been studied lately thank God by or dear Dr. Eva Sapi, who found protozoan component in Lyme Disease, and she found Tini does more than Doxy in the Lyme treatment and if you decide to use the Doxy better accompany it with Tini to get better results; this because Doxy alone as per CDC recommendations would only push the bacteria to go cystic faster and people get sicker faster too! In my personal case Tindamax was not a medicine that I felt helped me as I can swear over flagyl and Ivermectin... I thought it was too mild and blah.. maybe for all the Lymies who have not had any kind of anthelmintics – antiparasitics- this could save their lives? Because tindamax and these types of medicines kill the bacteria and also ruptures the cysts! (I attached some links of interesting articles written by Dr Sapi and Dr J about Tindamax, below).

 So why Ivermectin?  because studies show that it can even help with parasites, some types of bacteria and even some fungal infections? And because it has helped me so much!!! There is so much to it and US Drs don’t even want to try it???  I swear over the bible I have no commercial interest in this medicine and I talk about it because it helps me and has helped so many I found on my path, so I share the info so each one decide if to take it or not.  I wish I could educate Drs and researchers about it.  I have given samples for free to patients, Drs and researchers and the results are amazing… I hope it is included in most protocols!

Thank you for sharing with me and saying you "love my work", I only share what I have learned hoping it helps others, and I'm thankful with God for giving me this opportunity!

Hope I responded your question.  I cannot tell anyone how to dose because I am not a Dr, so you made the right question indeed!

God bless you, God is big!

Note: here is one of  the studies of Dr Sapi about the use of Tindamax: 

And this is a piece of the blog of Dr J in his blog LYMEMD,  his amazing findings about Tindamax and his input about Dr Sapi’s studies:  “I cannot cover the whole Sapi study. The most exciting finding is that Tindamax (Tinidazole) - our premier Cyst-buster, is the most effective drug overall. This "cyst-buster" kills 90% of cysts and spirochetes: by far the best drug. We don't know it's effect on L-forms, but we can guess. Tindamax probably works by an intracellular mechanism. If this is true it should be equally effective against L-forms.  It gets even better. Tindamax is the only drug which does a great job on biofilm colonies as well! (not to be discussed now). More on biofilms later. 
Tindamax passes the blood brain barrier and penetrates well into most tissues. It has been effective in my patients with neurocognitive deficits - neuroborreliosis.” The complete blog is here: http://lymemd.blogspot.com/2011/07/everything-you-thought-you-knew-about.html

I just hope testing would be more reliable so people who is recently infected could be treated properly and soon enough so they won't suffer so long and so much as we had.!



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