Some were wondering if I got cured from Lyme Disease, or if I was sicker,  because I was not posting anything here. I can say I stopped writing this blog because I dedicated to my group called Florida Lyme League and was bringing all the research to them and to my wall in Facebook, so now I'm back and hopefully soon I will start a new blog with videos that I think are going to be very teaching helpful for all.
I have learned a lot about Lyme and Chronic diseases but I guess I have learned much more about human nature and also about my body and about what to do when I'm not feeling well.So I'm not writing this blog today about Lyme or the human nature but about what to do when you feel this sick and are so desperate and cannot find answers in the Doctors or the internet nor your closer people can help you? I say pray with what ever words you have and what ever faith you have, and ask for personal knowledge and then, with no doubt FOLLOW YOUR GUT!  It doesn't fail! I'll give you some examples.
My friend was told to drink a lot of water, to detox, so she calls me and tells me that every time she drank a lot of water she got swollen and got terrible pains all over, I just asked her, so what do you think you should do?  She said I cannot have all that water, it is not helping me... see?  She had the answer to her problem.  Then the point was to find the cause why she is retaining liquids and getting swollen?  Maybe the gallbladder is blocked and the Lymphatic system is not running properly?  Maybe the kidney is producing more water or not processing it properly? Maybe your adrenals are in fear mode, and they're telling the kidney to fill everything with water to "clean the mess"?  Maybe it is a allergy with mold and the body is trying to wash it out..?  I can go long with this reasoning and probably I still be missing the cause - which of course in a person with Lyme the base cause is probably a pathogenic - a "bugs cause"; but what I try to say here is that if we follow our guts we might know, first hand, what to do and then we can try to find the cause to fix the problem from the base.
More over, we could stop our selves from more symptoms for example, headaches.  I start looking when I got them and then trying to find why? so I noticed that every time I eat dessert I  got a terrible headache and worse I got so moody and I could even become very angry... so, no need to get a lab test to tell me I am having sugar problems, Nor i needed a Doctor to tell me I needed to make an effort and stop it from my diet.  Same thing with the gluten.  I don't have a Dr telling me I have to be in a "gluten free diet", I found it by stopping all gluten for two weeks and seeing that my body swelling started to come down... while my friends who have a Dr telling them to do the restriction they have gluten "every now and then" thinking the Dr won't notice it.. :) Same with sugars and even alcohol... My friend from the Group has chocolates and peanut butter almost every day regardless of  her Doctor's recommendations.  One day she showed me her back full of blisters filled of infection, I asked her if this could be her liver or a result of eating fats or chocolates? And she immediately responded very defensive that she was never going to quit the chocolate "because it is the only thing I have left"... I wonder if life and health is not the ultimate "thing" we should keep?
So this means that if you follow your gut and you really want to recover you are going to have to do changes with a strong personal will over what ever anyone tells you to do or not.  It is like quitting a vice "cold turkey".  It is a personal way and there is no other way to do it!
When following my gut I found my swelling comes from bacteria/parasitic infection, that clogged my blood, my gut, my gallbladder and liver and the glands of my body.  With this I have to see what to do to help the body to recover.  Diet is one, exercise could be other option but my body seems to not be able to take it yet, so I started with something "easier" like trying to be able to sweat!  I had the neurological Lyme that affected the part of the brain that won't let me sweat nor recover the heat - sympathetic / parasympathetic functions were diminished -  but after treatments with some oral antibiotics and Ivermectin - antiparasitics- and the very blessed "Double helix water"  I found I started to sweat, a little - so I searched for a infrared sauna until found one suited to my small pocket and I think I have now recovered my ability to sweat and with this I started to detox and liberate my body from swelling and toxins.
See?  little remedies and small changes can make a huge impact in our health. But our body will always tell if the medicine, the treatment, the remedy or the change is good or not, and even before having any treatment our gut is telling us what is needed to help our selves.  
With this I would like to make a side note about what we call "HERXING". We have learned that when we treat for Lyme Disease the body reaction is so strong we feel much sicker, sounds to be obvious after having so much infection spread all over; but I have learned some Lymies and even Doctors only guide their treatment to when they feel the sicker thinking they are having a huge herx, meaning a great response of their bodies., but I confess I've done quite the opposite... I learned from the Dr writer of the blog LYMEMD, from my Colombian Doctor and from Integrative Doctors such as Dr Lee Cowden, that suffering doesn't mean we are healing, it could be a misconception and guide us in a wrong way. Dr J states that if you don't start to feel any better after two weeks of treatment you better start thinking what to do next. Dr Cowden has a protocol, herbal, that includes Burbur and other medicines that will help to deal with the strongest herxings, without this being a cover up of what is going on with the disease.  My Col Dr used the "old logic":  if it doesn't help you feel better what for you treat"?  and he taught me to always keep checking the reactions of my body, after every med taken, after every food, and every remedy.  I found that when I took my once a week dose of Ivermectin, the antiparasitic so feared int he US but so used in South America and Africa, not only I had a mild herx the first two days but then I start having a couple of hours a day feeling a bit better.  Some without Lyme won't understand what is to have a "couple of good hours" but for us who suffer this disease we know this is priceless.  So after this I decided I will look more for "good herxing" than feeling sicker.  I can take an antibiotic and can tell exactly when it is kicking in, what is it doing and after a couple of days I can tell if it is working to my recovery or not.  Doesn't mean I change treatments every day, by the contrary, I stick with the ones that have really helped me and this has been what has kept me alive and living a decent life during all these years of nightmare.
Follow your gut is believing that your body is telling you what is the problem and what it needs. Help your self studying, reading, watching videos and doing all it takes to find answers and responses to your needs.  Do not stay with thinking you are sick and one week of antibiotics is all you can have, it is a lie orchestrated to save money of the insurances that don't want to pay for longer treatment.  Do not stay still without looking for other treatments out of the box, like a simple adding bicarbonate to your water or taking castor oil to detox your colon - or a colonic or a coffee enema -.  You have the strength to recover, count on it!