"If a patient is doomed to a horrible death, how can anyone with a drop of compassion argue against therapy?". These words belong to the blog of the "Montgomery Doctor" and should be printed in every Doctor's chart. How can Doctors ignore the suffering of a Lyme patient and the possibility of treating and healing him or her? Why they fight about calling it different ways instead of really trying to help the patient? It is easier to say that this patient who is suffering neck stiffness, generalized fatigue, arthritis pain, muscle pain, diarrhea, blurry vision, tingling in hands an feet, palpitations and problems remembering words or sleeping disturbances, is really semi-crazy person and should better take some 'lorazepam' or some psychiatric medicines, than having to go through all this pain and suffering and try to solve it as if you were a real healer! Then, if the patient gets worse, Doctors can say it is a strange illness generated by the immune system that cannot be defeated; easy! (Or a virus but we don't know which?) (Dr. House might know!!) Why multi-system disease patients are not treated when these are the ones suffering the most? - Because Doctors cannot treat more than one illness at the time? - Because books for Doctors recommend not to treat more than one illness at the time. - Because it might be very confusing not knowing what to treat first, or what to do? (which shows not only negligence but ignorance; books explain this?). - Because if it is considered just ONE same illness many would loose their "specialties" and they charge specially for it. - Because the more Lyme is seen as different illnesses, the more Doctors the patient has to see, more tests, more drugs; better business! - Because having a so much creepy patient is scary, better send him to someone else! - Because North America doesn't want to admit it has a "proper" illness as South America and Africa have Malaria! (I think this is one of the most heavy reasons, believe it or not!). - Because it is easier to treat a patient for a month than having to treat for years, not only administering antibiotics and different medications but testing their vital organs and their responses to the treatment. Money again ah? - Because - this is funny, cynic funny- because LABORATORIES CANNOT DETERMINE IF IT IS LYME! incredible, it is out of any mind seeing that what is detected is the answer of the body to the bacteria, but not the bacteria itself. And worse, the Montgomery Doctor and others have found some microorganisms living in the blood of the Lyme disease patients and still any lab has said what it is and how to kill it! The worse is the patient the more of these bugs he/she has... come on!!! Hey, you should get help from the South American laboratories, they might know...? - Because there are more Doctors fighting the ones treating Lyme than treating their own patients!!! (funny ah?). Doctors and medical personnel dedicated to annihilate and exterminate who ever say Lyme disease is treatable with long term antibiotics! - Because of so much ego. There's no collaboration between different scientist, medical personnel and laboratories; the only thinking is the money. - Because there are no expensive medications created specially to treat the terrible Lyme disease. Like cancer, people has to pay a lot to be treated, in this case, they have not invented their unique formula to charge for it. I just created a very lucrative business - an this in the middle of my "fog mind". - Because no one cares for the ones left behind. If you are rich and famous you are well taken care, but if you get deadly sick, and are poor or not rich, better start praying your last ones... - Because even the possible cause for acquiring the illness is still in doubt. Some say the tick (American?) is the only one cause, others now say maybe dentists? shhh, do not touch the untouchables, they are perfect! - Or what about thinking it is a bacteria that lives in the hospitals and clinics of NORTH AMERICA?... ha, impossible! -Because there are not enough reasons to treat Lyme as a multi-systemic multi-symptomatic illness. No political reasons, no economic reasons, no medical reasons (due to there are no expensive schools to prepare Lyme specialists), so until today they are just pragmatic Shamans! Plus there are no patient reasons: has anyone died from Lyme disease? So, you are not going to be understood dear Montgomery Doctor, they don't want you showing off by "curing" Lyme patients; how can you dare? They argue against your therapy because it is not under their rules, their business and their interests! So, as a patient I know God is there and He is there for me too!

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