Yeah, it is easy to live when you are healthy, but when it comes to be in pain, or with difficulty to move or even think, things dramatically change. Your perception of the life changes, and the way the life around you sees you, changes too! When I got LYME or how you want to call it multi-pain, multi-symptomatic illness, I just got out of the game almost immediately without time to even argue! From one day to another I passed from being the one that pushed the world, to be one of the slow ones that move around the mall being pushed in a wheelchair! Yes, I imagine these sounds like the poor sick woman story and how she drank a juice that cured all her problems. But not; it is quite the opposite. This is the poor woman story where there are not juices to cure her and where no one cares if she doesn't get them either. And please do not misunderstand me. I do have a great amazing family who cares enormously for me, but there are no Doctors and no medicine personnel who want to try to help me even though it is not an incurable illness; at least even though it is a treatable illness. Why I do not get the appropriate care? because they are fighting over the name of the illness, the way it is acquired, the treatment and I imagine the insurance providers, the medical schools, etc! So they are not treating for this bug, yet! political people ah? But this is not about me; or not totally about me. It is about an illness that impedes a regular life; an illness that can leave a patient painfully quadriplegic and absolutely crazy, if not treated on time, out of time and after time!!! - as one of the Doctors that I have gone to mistakenly told me: "Antibiotics don't work if it is chronic Lyme"; false! What doesn't work is to not treat, and to not treat long enough to fight the millions of bugs that are affecting the body. And what is worse - not just about me, see? - if Lyme disease is not being taken care by medical organizations, it can easily become a pandemic! How and why? because if now Doctors don't really know how to treat it, what might happen if they ignore it and it grows to incredible proportions? many are infected and it seems that this number grows every day. Why it is being ignored as an illness, and why Doctors are being negligent with their patients? Yes, as human beings we all are condemned to die, but no one should die the day before! Lyme disease is a deadly condemn due to the lack of care. Patients are left to die immobile in pain, in a mental cloud; everyone think they just got old and it's their time. Old at 35, at 65 or at just five years of being born? weird cases ah? The funny are the ones like me, they easily think we are menopausal; so easy to diagnose. Who cares for a patient in pain? and who cares for a patient with multiple pains and mixed illnesses? BUG OFF!

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