What is that illness that causes multiple symptoms, including many very dangerous debilitating ones, that many people suffer,- specially in North America- but most of the Doctors deny and don't know what it is and how to treat? Ok, lets not call it LYME, so how should we call it? "The Bug"! I got the BUG and it has changed my life to the point I have no life now! I know I have the bug because when I take antibiotics the bug debilitates; when I do not take antibiotics or stop taking them I debilitate; simple! Oh, this "reasoning" seems not to be logic for the last Doctor I saw; he said that the antibiotics were not working because I relapsed every time, so "it had to be a virus". Again Doc, if it is a virus it won't have an initial response to the antibiotics, oh well, there will be no response at all, come on! (and that goes for you too family Doctor who said it could be an allergy "because allergies affect you women so hard!" and then when he saw my miserable face he said "if I'm wrong I'm wrong.." yeah you are, you were, terribly wrong and negligent!) Survivor, how? Using antibiotics for longer terms - as long as I can buy them somewhere else; or as long as I can make them last. I responded to Ciprofloxacin, but the herx is so strong; responded somewhat to cephalosporin; responded to Amoxacillin, and Zytro; also had some strange response to Doxiclor and Levofloxacin; and had amazing results when I took Plaquenil and Amoxacillin with Sulbactam. This mix called "Unasyn" - in the US, and just comes in injections in this country it is also called Sultamicillin in other countries and do come in pills- combines Amox with Sulbactam and voila, for some reason after more than 15 days I can have happy, even called “glorious days”!!! EVERY DAY, ANYTIME I CAN, I PRAY AND HOPE THAT MANY SUFFERERS LIKE ME CAN HAVE THESE GLORIOUS DAYS! IS THERE ANY DOCTOR OUT THERE? I KNOW MONTGOMERY DOCTOR IS THERE, AND THERE'S MY DOCTOR WHO LIVES FAR AWAY IN SOUTH AMERICA - DR QUINTERO - BUT,ARE THERE SOME OTHERS WILLING TO REALLY HELP? HOPE YES! God bless.

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