Knowing that very few Doctors really know how to properly treat Lyme disease, and that most of them deny its existence, is a very scary death threat... It is so unfair all the arguing trying to demonstrate that the Lyme sufferers are "just chronic" - meaning it is people with symptoms product of an old illness or treatment, and people that cannot be cured or doesn’t need to be treated because they cannot recover?. Meaning: condemned to suffer like in hell; but because of negligence and ignorance of the medical personnel because yes there is possible treatment and real recovery and healing! And it is not a magical poison; it is just a regular medical ample proper antibiotic treatment! How can it make sense to think that someone in pain, actual, current pain, has an incurable or untreatable illness, when this same patient shows positive responses to long antibiotic treatments if they are properly administered? So, by saying it is a chronic illness Doctors become negligent to a possible solution and deny treatment or argue that the positive response was due something else different from what it was? Adequate long antibiotic treatment that many refuse to prescribe saying that it might harm the patients long term health ignoring the, precisely, long term health affected by the bacteria and co-infections the patient already has destroying every cell and organ of his/ her body? Again, negligent to treating a patient by finding words and discussions that doesn’t bring any healing to anyone, and opposing to who ever finds solutions or brings new cards to the table; as if these might make them more important or famous, and as if these would give them satisfaction when they meet with their own thoughts and feelings. Please do not let the Lyme patients in “limbo pain”, there are options and possibilities; and their faith depends on your good hearts. There is no chronic Lyme disease; there are chronic Lyme sufferers which is very different.

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