Hi, I read this blog of this woman who said that this other Doctor did take care of her and looked at her symptoms, but the surprise was because she had gone to so many Doctors and no one had really helped her, so she wondered what she said differently this time, or what moved this Doctor that didn't move the others. So, how to approach a Doctor when you are multi-symptomatic and feeling that you are almost dying in pain and of this unknown strange illness? my truly honest advise? do not tell everything that you have! Sounds weird and not recommendable? Well, it seems that Doctors just want to treat one simple easy illness and go to eat lunch earlier! I give it a try and went to an "infectious disease specialist" and made a list in the computer, very well presented, of the many symptoms I have and the ones I have had that had gone with the antibiotic treatment... well... this poor Doctor didn't know what to do, how to diagnose me. He end up writing "chronic bronchitis" when I have never coughed nor have respiratory problems - thank God is the only thing I do not have!!!!- But the Doctor was so swimming in such deep waters that he could barely hold on! And I assume this is the reason why, also, the endocrinologist told me, at the end of the consult, "and you are going to be okay, and you do not need to come here anymore, for nothing else". To what I said: really? what if I do? and he insisted, "no, you do not need to come back, don't come back"! My bet is that this incredible list of pains and symtoms scare the Doctors. The one Doctor I thought was really going to help me, because he knew me and he knew I used to work in the medical field so at least he can - in theory - trust me, said after reading my interminable list: "wow, all these you have? I bet is is an allergy, lets try these nasal sprays and these steroids"! But what I really need you to think about is the "mental" situation... if the Doctors see many symptoms they would pass the hot potato to a psychiatrist, and you would remain in pain until the last of your days... You might not now, yet, what is to wake up with pain over all you back; with pain in all your muscles; with pain in your joints maybe knees or shoulders? with tingling like if you don't know if you can feel or not your extremities; with palpitations and pain in the chest; with difficulty swallowing feeling that the air is not passing anymore; with pain in the neck, and in the thyroid and in the pituitary, and of course, with fear... yeah, the magic word: FEAR. If you declare you have fear when you feel the palpitations and the chest pain; fear when you cannot really move your legs and they hurt; fear because the pain in the back is so sharp that you cannot tell if you have a knife stuck or not; fear of not breathing or fear that the paramedics won't be able to come on time or to fix what ever is that you have... if you confess that FEAR, they - the Doctors- think it means that you don't have Lyme disease or any other illness different from a mental one; so you wont' be treated for the bugs that are affecting your health. They are probably going to say: "You seem to have panic attacks"! "You look so anxious!" That fear is normal; anyone would feel the same in such circumstances! Hope you can find a way to talk to these Gods, I really haven't!

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