Having a reaction to the treatment, 'herxing" is normal, but not recovering gradually or feeling better in the long term is not normal. I do not agree with the weird community that thinks that having pains and suffering means the medicine is killing the bugs! I have read in so many blogs and posts that when they are herxing they think it is because the medicine is working so they have to herx and herx and herx in a very painful daily situation. They all think they might get better later on, at the point they tell others to "hang on" waiting for the promised land, and then I read cases of people who's been suffering for two or more years but happy thinking one day the combination of medicines they are taking will magically work... I think that's sick! Medicines have to show they are working right away; not immediate but in a certain logical time. I just read a post from the Montgomery Doctor who tells the story of this woman who,responded very positively to the antibiotics in just a week; a not very common case, but real! When a very sick person takes something that does him or her, some good, the patient immediately notices it; there is certain improvement, certain feeling that is not just "herxing for pleasure"; and the sick person also knows "the opposite" - when that medicine or what ever he or she took did some negative reaction. Patients learn to deal with their treatments and know which medicines causes a strong but positive reaction; or, by the contrary when that reaction is not good even though it is not too strong or notorious, and won't help them in a long term. So, herxing is not good if it is not a near way for improvement! My good symptoms are: No blurry vision, no pain in the back, neck not swollen, no swollen glands, no swollen hands, no pain in joints, no headache, no diarrhea, no bloating stomach, no night sweats or feverish feeling; mental sharpness, fast walking, no palpitations, strong attitude, lots of happiness and thankfulness, ability to pray or elevate thoughts, planning and organizational skills; fast movements, ability to smile and understanding, no mood swings. Non stop writing! If the medicines are not working; if you feel you are not improving - sorry - change the Doctor, the meds and the attitude! Every day I pray for those who suffer with no hope; may God give them strength! I am here with you while you are in pain and suffering, I can share it and I can tell you there is light out of that tunnel.

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